Shibas Nest Puppies

The Story of Shibas Nest
Jane Vanderpool and a tiny Shiba puppy that hasn't opened it's eyes yet.
The story of Jane Vanderpool 
and her Shibas Nest Kennel 

This is Sheena,
one of my first puppies.
Shibas Nest Kennel was established 1986 in LaFayette, New York. At this time, Shibas Inus were not recognised by the AKC and were shown in rare breed shows using guide lines of the Japanese standard. 

I became a member of the Japanese Kennel Club and remained with them until the Shiba became recognised by the AKC in June 1992. 
(I was also a member of the NSCA serving as treasurer) 

In September of 1992, we packed up and moved to the beautiful state of Washington, where we have continued to grow, producing beautiful Shiba pups. 

OFA breeding stock and puppies are sold with health guarantees. Litters are whelped in my home, loved and well socialized. 

Shibas Nest will continue to produce top of the line dogs. We have many champions to our credit. 

Visitors are welcome by appointment. 

~ Jane Vanderpool

Jane and Toiya
This is Jane Vanderpool and Toiya.
Toiya was one of Jane's first Shibas.
Here they are posing for their
"Best of Winners" photo, in 1990, at Finger Lakes Speciality Show.
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